Come and enjoy a taste of true English life with Surrey Learn Summer Tour 2019. Join others from around the world as we play, make friends and learn English in the surroundings of breath-taking countryside. What’s more, we will walk in the footsteps of Harry Potter and explore the wonders of the Wizarding World!

About Camp Beaumont
Since 1980 Camp Beaumont have been committed to providing children and young adults with the very best school holiday on their carefully designed multi-activity programmes.

Surrey Learn teams up with Camp Beaumont to stay in two stunning schools in Surrey.

Claremont Fan Court School
The spacious grounds of Claremont’s 90 acre estate offer a fantastic parkland setting for our summer camp adventures.
Reigate College
The college has an impressive sports centre, including gym and studio, with an off-site sports ground at Wallfield where many of Camp Beaumont sport-based activities will be hosted.
Your children will enjoy over 40 activities to choose from – we have perfected the art of keeping them entertained.
We work with University of Cambridge qualified English teachers so your child has the opportunity to learn English to the very best standard. The quintessential English villages and rolling expanses of countryside will spark your child’s imagination as they relax and play with new friends. What’s more, we will walk in the footsteps of Harry Potter and explore the wonders of the Wizarding World!
Surrey boasts some of the most attractive villages in Britain. It is an area renowned for its charm, friendly and open people, spectacular views and farmyards tucked behind winding lanes.
River Wey
The River Wey winds its way through the Surrey Hills and beyond to meet the Thames. You can glimpse its rich history through the watermills, hand built bridges and locks that line its path. Try journeying the river yourself on an English barge!
Shere’s qualities have inspired countless painters, and more recently film producers, for centuries. Appearing in the Domesday Book of 1086, the village’s charm and captivating appeal have not been lost. Surround yourself with the thatched roofs and romance of Shere.
Surrey Hills
The Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is open to discovery. Glorious days can be spent visiting its market towns, or walking and cycling through nature’s masterpieces. Seek out awe-inspiring views, bubbly towns or ancient ruins amid the Surrey Hills beauty.
The ruins of a medieval castle stand in the town of Reigate and remind the visitor of its vibrant history as a market town. Now blended with the modern day, the castle, shops, cafes and pubs make Reigate a wonderful place to enjoy.
Box Hill
Box Hill is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Its highest points offer remarkable views, whilst its slopes are renowned for rare plant species. An old fort, the nearby village, Saloman’s Memorial and a ford across the River Mole highlight just some of its splendour.
Mayfield Lavender
Found on the North Surrey Downs, this Victorian site of natural beauty is a must-see. Visitors can roam through 25 acres of lavender fields, embraced by the distinctive aroma and finish their stroll at the classical tea room on site.
“We have loads of cows and farms in Surrey”
Child in Surrey

“I can strengthen foundations in English, working to improve the reading, writing or conversational skills of your son or daughter.”
Kate Loveday
University of Cambridge
qualified English teacher
“My photography sessions are unscripted, playful and have storytelling at their big, beating heart.”
Kate Griffin
British Photographer
In charge of Surrey Learn
kids’ photo project
In 2018 Eleven children embarked on our UK camp experience, having a wonderful adventure with us. During the day they were based at Camp Beaumont, meaning they were able to build great friendships with other British children.